Steve Wilson, Co-founder and Online Representative at Easy Track Ghana

My name is Steve and I am the co-founder of Easy Track Ghana. Inspired by an extraordinary journey through Ghana around the total solar eclipse of 2006, Easy Track Ghana started as a poverty-alleviation project with a trusted native guide in Ghana.
From a basic blog of that journey, and some adventurous guests that asked for referrals, it was clear to see that the results were a stunning success.

Since then, Jessie and I have brought together an extraordinary team of guides and support staff that want to give you the best experience possible in Ghana. Our native Ghanaian staff has a combined experience of over 50 years experience in dealing with foreign guests in West Africa. The Easy Track team is certainly among the best available to show you life in Ghana.

Of equal importance is the responsibility that we show as an organization that is helping to build a better Ghana.

Steve Wilson presenting TransCAP Foundation student essay award

About Me

What is your name?
Steven A. Wilson
Where do you live?
Oakland, California USA and Achimota, Ghana
What languages do you speak well enough to converse?

What languages do you speak at a basic level?
French, Spanish, Twi, Ewe

What is your profession? What work experience do you have?
My background is a bit different than the rest of the team and I take no salary from Easy Track. My background as a software developer has enabled us to create unique applications that allow us to custon-craft each tour proposal we prepre.
Do you have any experience working with foreigners?
From years living in California and New York City, to travels that have crossed 4 continents, to engaging with hundreds of Easy Track clients, it would be correct to answer this in the affirmative. My life has been spent learning new cultures.
Where do you like to take people to?
Thankfully, I do not actually escort guests, so I can beg not to answer this question. Otherwise I will forever hear how I have slighted somebody.

But I will confess that to me, there is no place like the Easy Track neighborhood. A poor shanty neighborhood that is literally where Accra meets bush, our area still has a village feel even though urban conveniences, including the University of Ghana at Legon, have grown up around us. Guests that visit are quick to see why I have fallen in love with this area and why I am committed to helping creat a better life for the residents of Kisseman.

(OK, honestly, if I were ever escorting a guest, I would be sure to take them to the Volta Region!)
Describe how you like to move in life?
Slowly to watch and listen and learn...and also experience some adventure in every day.
Do you like to be around people?
For all the natural scenic beauty, the people of Ghana are the #1 attraction. The people are what made me love this country. The people and the greetings that are part of every moment of the day. You have to love it.
How would you describe the relationship between you and the community where you live?
It is just a fact that no matter how well I am able to integrate, I will always be an outsider in Ghana, so my relationship is complicated. But I do realize my responsibility and ensure that Easy Track participates and sponsors community development projects and children's activities.
Are you involved in any community activities? Do you belong to any community-based organizations?
Originally what brought me to live in the Easy Track neighborhood is a one year leave of absence from my career to do charitable HIV prevention work with the TransCAP Foundation of the USA.
Can you properly operate a digital camera?
I think everyone else on the team is better than me by now!
How are you continuing to contribute?
Easy Track is one of the most important things I have done in this life. To give you an exciting holiday experience while providing the opportunity to assist hard-working people is the most wonderful reward. Read of my continuing adventures.